Eliminates the risk of total or partial loss of sensitive digital data



A typical US studio spends about $20k/year on digital preservation of each title.

Over 50 years, this amounts to USD 1 million.

The numerous migrations and manipulations required will inevitably lead to errors and losses. The high cost of traditional conservation regularly leads to the abandonment of certain titles, which are then potentially lost forever.

If, for example, a film has not been exploited for some time, Financial driven decisions will lead to stop maintenance, which will cause the work to disappear for good in the short or medium term. An ARCHIFLIX backup makes it possible to easily restore it.

For a small total cost percentage (<3%), ARCHIFLIX offers the guarantee of retrieving the original source element.



In a cloud data center, no one knows exactly where the data is stored, and distributed redundantly across multiple disks and servers. In the event of a crash or other incident, part of the data is lost, but the data center is not responsible for the value of this data (Gandi, OVH, GMAIL incidents, etc.). Very useful for “hot” or “lukewarm” data, servers do not solve the problem of legacy data that must be preserved in the very long term.

The LTO alternative is subject to regular migrations made necessary by the rapid recorders’ obsolescence. Today LTO 9 is not backwards compatible beyond LTO 8, and a new version is delivered every 18 to 24 months. It is very difficult for a customer to ensure that the archive provider will not at a certain point merge data from one LTO tape to another, as capacity increases. Particularly in the event of company bankruptcy, while servers and robots are being seized, the risk of no longer being able to access the data increases considerably over time; actually this is a real-case scenario.


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